The Black African Museum (AKA BAM) is not a registered charity or non-profit, however BAM is financially supported by the Elliott family, receives in-kind sponsorships, donations and financial support from a few loyal and visionary corporations, companies, small businesses and individuals who do not receive a tax receipt for their generosity but continue to support our cause. The bulk of our funds comes from various clients who hire our exhibitions for their events, presentations, activities and special occasions. We are also hired by non-profits, charitable organizations, churches, government agencies, event organizers etc. We are also a proud educational of TDSB (Toronto District School Board), are hired by various other school boards, universities, colleges, organizations, corporations and groups. 

BAM *Black African Museum is always working to create new, exciting and informative exhibits to share with our clients, their participants and your generous contributions or donations however small makes a difference in our ability to produce new exhibitions, work with new partners and reach more youth and children. Your donation will help us inspire every visitor to the museum, the young and the young at heart. Help us plant the seeds in Canada’s next great S.T.E.M pioneers. 

Your donation will make a difference and so do you.

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Angelita Elliott


The Olmecs - Original People of the Americas & Indigenous People Contributions in the Americas – January 2020

The African & Diaspora Food Contributions to the Americas and the World (Eating Our Way through History and Culture) – January 2020

History Takes Flight *The Men Women & Children Pilots & Aviators (Featuring 300 African People in Flight History)

African Art Food & Fabric – NEW 2020



The International Children’s Inventors Museum - Launched 2019

I LOVE S.T.E.M SELFIE CENTER - Launched 2016 as a Pilot Project

BAM 14 Exhibition Sections are as follows

1) Ancient Africa

2) African Holocaust (Slavery)

3) African American Canadian & Caribbean Inventors

4) The Medical Pioneer *Before During & After Henrietta Lacks - New

5) National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees - NEW

6) The Manhattan Project Pioneers - NEW

7) The Pioneers of NACA NASA 1950 to Today - NEW

8) NACA NASA Hidden Figures *Women Pioneer - NEW

9) Space Science & Exploration - New

10) The Pioneers of Technologies Exhibit - NEW

11) Chinas African Dynasties - NEW

12) The Pioneers of Transportation - NEW

The Railroad pioneers with miniature trains and a working portable

The Automotive Pioneers

Pioneers of Aviation & Flight – Coming soon

13) The Video Games Pioneers - NEW

14) Children Youth & Young Adults Exhibit - NEW

Proud Educational Partner of Toronto District School Board


Black African Museum Est. 2010 (AKA: BAM)

BAM is a family owned, operated and funded educational, historical and cultural museum. Become a part of our giving team and see your donation at work inspiring the next generation becoming without your generous donations & in-kind contributions we could not what we do.

Thank you for your continued support.


Make a donation to BAM and see your gift at work every time someone visits BAM African & Diaspora Inventors & The International Children’s Inventors Museum.

  • Your donations help us create new exhibits

  • Your donations help us hire student, young adults, challenged youth, young offenders and provided volunteer hours for student, young offenders.

  • Your donations help us purchase supplies and artifacts.

  • Your donations help us provide in some cases transportation and a meal for our vulnerable volunteers.

  • Your donations help us to continue to inspire our children and youth.

  • Your donation no matter how small helps us to grow.


Your support, sponsorship, donations and our investments are always at work. Creating new and exciting exhibition to the entire family. Since 2010 we have created 90 new tables of information, featuring African and African diaspora men. Woman and children inventors. We would like to thank you for helping us create the largest mobile exhibition in North America celebrating African people contributions to S.T.E.M.


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