Monday April 8 2019 Visions in Green owners of BAM (Black African Museum) African Inventors launched our mobile International Children’s Inventors Museum with the I LOVE S.T.EM SELFIE CENTRE CAREER & FUN DAY presentations at Willow Park Public School Thursday April 11 2019 9AM-4PM for a full day of exciting activities celebrating Children Inventors and S.T.E.M. After a very successful two-year pilot program of our I LOVE S.T.E.M SELFIE CENTRE at various elementary, middle and high school location across Toronto, the GTHA where thousands of students from grade 1 to 12 participated in our interactive S.T.E.M career dress-up centre with friends to take pictures or get their pictures taken while dressed as their future selves. 

Visions in Green first exhibition of children’s inventors was an overwhelming success, we recognized that children want to see themselves; so we created an exhibition just for them. The International Children’s Inventors Museum is a celebration of children inventors throughout history PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE with inventors from age 3 to 25, who started inventing as children before they received a patent or recognition. 

The International Children Museum is a collection of over 150+ children inventors, innovators, pioneers and trailblazers who have impacted our lives i.e. rotary engines, calculators, computers, microscopes, biofuels, reactors, superconductor, trampoline, Christmas lights, television, telegraphic repeater, telephone, pancreatic cancer test, breast cancer detection, 3D printing, ocean cleanup just to name a few. These amazing children have changed the way we live, lived and will live our lives with their contributions to the world. 

The International Children Museum is a reflection of ourselves, reflects humanities brilliance to invent, create and make things that advance us as human beings, shows that no matter the circumstance or challenges these children faced in life they came through for all of us. Join us in celebrating our Amazing Children and all that they gave and will give to us.


The goal of the International Children’s Museum and the I Love S.T.E.M Selfie Center Career & Fun Day is to inspire young students from grade 1 to 8 about their future dreams and career goals by; 

1. Introducing students to various careers in each area of S.T.E.M (science technology engineering and mathematics) in age and grade appropriate language 

2. Introducing students to over 150+ children, youth and young adults S.T.E.M trailblazers pioneers innovators and inventors from around the world in our special International Children Museum exhibition. 

3. Providing opportunities for students to live their dream, dress-up as their future selves, have their pictures taken with a professional camera, are given an opportunity to purchase a picture of themselves to take home, and the school is given a digital copy of the day’s activities. 


Without the support of these amazing partners, donors, sponsors and volunteers this special program would not be possible;

Ms. Kathy Lebo of MEDLINE for supplying all our medical related props, accessories, Ms. Marlin Marsh of Marlin Herbs, Mr. Lee McCalla of S & L Custom Upholstery and Repairs for financial, transportation, Kwame at Love Africa Project donation, Vicky at Hollywood Tickle Trunk, Ahsan at Fastrack Graphics. Mr. Charles Coffey donor –supporter, Ms. Paulene Harvey formally of Big It Up – photographer, Ms. Karema Ninvalle-Elliott Social Media Diva, Tropicana Community Services volunteers, Willow Park Public School principal, teacher, student volunteers and our educational partners at TDSB. 

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