1. Mention as sponsor at all media interviews – internet, print, radio, television, social media

platforms, promotional and networking events etc.

2. Prime placement of signage on stage, throughout event and archived, remembered as our first

corporate Sherehekea Africa sponsor

3. A 10 second “Infomercial” of your company’s reasons for supporting Sherehekea Africa 2020

and why it’s a symbiotic relationship not just a corporate sponsorship that will run on our

digital wall over the weekend

4. Back cover page ad in Gala program, prime placement of logo on all advertising, marketing,

promotional materials and digital board for Sherehekea Africa 2020

5. 2 Complimentary Gala launch tickets (valued $130.00)

6. 5 Complimentary Pass February 1st – 2nd 2020 (valued $75.00)

7. Opportunity to participating in our Sherehekea Africa Blessing Ceremony

8. We will gift you an African outfit to attend Gala from one of our African Clothing sponsor

9. Opportunity to speak at Sherehekea Africa Gala event as sponsor and to speak at the media

launch of Sherehekea Africa Gala event

10. Opportunity to meet with, speak to special invited guests, guest and keynote speakers,

politicians, other corporate sponsors at our Pre-Gala Launch 6.00PM

11. Company display and distribution of company promotional materials at Gala and over

weekend of the event i.e. business cards/brochures product samples etc.

12. We will feature you, your company permanently as our first major sponsor for Sherehekea

Africa on our website and digital sponsors Tribute Wall (Honorary Mention).

13. Promo and Media Madness Campaign through Visions in Green via Social Media, key

participating sponsors, partners and company logo placement, link from Visions in Green


14. We will set up an S.T.E.M Innovation Center for your company to showcase your

productions and services. A kind of learn more about our key sponsor booth to get attendees

using, accessing your technology on-site. You make it fun and interactive. 

Silver Sponsorship


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